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Cold Storage

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The high cost of energy is a major consideration in the cold storage industry. Foam applied to the roof and walls offers added insulation to provide considerable savings. The system renews the existing vapor barrier and bright-white top coating complies with Title 24 requirements for Cool Roofing.

Central Coating completed its first cold storage roofing and insulation project in 1969. Central Coating Company's proprietary Freezerthaneā„¢ System, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and vapor retard coating system has proven performance on hundreds of cold storage facilities. Put our years of experience in the cold storage industry to work for you to eliminate water and vapor barrier leaks while saving energy.


Project Facts

Storage Capacity: 2.5 million cubic feet
Roof Area: 160,000 square feet
  • Vapor Barrier Failure
  • Roof Leaks
  • Reduced Energy Efficiency
Union City:
Storage Capacity: 4.4 million cubic feet
Roof Area: 234,000 square feet
System Installed:
1.5 in. sprayed polyurethane foam
2 coats of vapor barrier coating
White topcoat and white granules

Roof membrane and vapor barrier failure in parapet wall — scrupper area (before).

Repaired roof membrane/vapor barrier in parapet wall — scrupper area (after).

  • Roof and insulation have been removed to expose the concrete parapet wall and the roof deck
  • Failed vapor barrier has been removed from the concrete wall.
  • New sprayed-on vapor barrier and new insulation board have been installed.

The existing scuppers were the source of both water and moisture vapor leaks. All new GSM scuppers were installed.

Open joints were injected with foam and the entire repair area was sealed with sprayed-on foam.

The final vapor barrier coating is installed over the foam and tied onto the wall to complete the continuous wall-to-roof vapor barrier. This area is ready for the white topcoat and white granules.

The field of the roof in the back-ground has been primed and foamed (yellow area). The black area has received the first coat of the vapor barrier coating system.

Existing AC units on wood blocks before new roof installation.

AC units are remounted on platform supported galvanized sheet metal pans. Conduit has been remounted on fiberglass reinforced plastic "C" channel blocks.


Finishing Details: Cooling Tower Complex

  1. Pipes going through the freezer wall are permanently sealed.
  2. Complex penetrations are easily sealed.
  3. Plastic/wood walkways protect the roof system in high traffic areas.



Here's what the facility engineers have to say:

From Union City:

As soon as they finished installing the new foam roof we were able to shut down one of our 200 H.P. screw compressors.

From Sacramento:

It's only 3 months and already the ice on the ceiling is dissipating.

From Union City:

This foam really works, the temperature has dropped 5 degrees in the Phase II area.